My goal is to “FIX IT WITH FOLEY” and I am seeking your support and guidance in my run for mayor.
Our city is a great and wonderful place to live and work.  It has the potential to be one of the greatest cities in our nation.  But as you know  much needs to be done – starting with Safe and Clean neighborhoods.


My mission is to make a difference.  I bring experience and passion. As an Elected Democratic Official I served 8 years as a Pleasantville City Councilman, then for 6 years as an At Large Freeholder for the County and finally as a State Assemblyman with my office 1125 Atlantic Avenue Atlantic City.

I served on the Pleasantville Fire Department for 4 years and then for over 25 years I was with the Atlantic City Fire Department where I was injured in the line of duty and placed on Disability. In 2003 then Mayor Langford brought me back as the Emergency Management Coordinator for almost 12 years.  I have dedicated my life to public safety and the safety of our community.  I have dealt with disasters all of my life.  My mission in Atlantic City is to fix what needs to be fixed. And with your support and guidance we can make this happen.

I have lived most of life in Atlantic City.  In fact I was born here at 132 Folsom Avenue.    I have lived in Vince Park Lagoon section 1825 Emerson then on 22 South Kentucky now I live on Ridgeway Avenue. 
You and I have heard many politicians make promises that have not been kept. My commitment to you as Mayor is to work tirelessly with you to turn around this great city.

My Platform:

1. SAFETY. We need total visibility of ACPD on our streets. (Police walking beats; community policing.)

2.REPAIRS. We need clean and safe neighborhoods. (No more broken windows and damaged buildings.)

3. INFRASTRUCTURE. We must work with the State on additional finances for improvements of our streets and drainage and flooding systems.

4.STREETS. We need a paving plan for entire City.

5.GAMING. We must make the State live up to promises of gaming in our City.

6.TRANSPORTATION. We must upgrade our transportation systems to our City. (Hasn’t been done since Atlantic City Expressway.)

7. WATERWAYS. We must improve our inter-coastal waterways for additional development.

These 7 things must be accomplished now. We have waiting over 40 years.

Warm regards,
Tom Foley
PO Box 1689
Atlantic City NJ 08404